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The Professional and Business Women of Polonia, also known as PBW, was founded on November 29, 1994, when it held its first meeting in the community room of St. Joseph’s Hospital. The idea for the organization came from Renee Harzewski, owner and publisher of the Am-Pol Eagle, who felt it was necessary to enhance the status and image of Polish-American professional and business women, to network, and to become a force in the community.

Since the first meeting, PBW has grown to over 100 members, from a variety of backgrounds and professions: business, academic, medicine, art and cultural, law, etc. PBW offers members an opportunity to make new friends and contacts based on our unique common bond- our gender and our ethnic heritage. Membership also includes a subscription to the Am-Pol Eagle.  


History and Description

PBW has grown to over 100 members, from a variety of backgrounds and professions. PBW’s members are known for their charitable works.

History of PBW

In the over 15 years since it began, PBW has hosted countless events- both educational and entertaining- and, since 1997, has awarded scolarships to a number of Polish American women currently enrolled in a college or university. Past Presidents of our organization are Renee Harzewski (1994-2001), Donna Kaminski (2002), Bette Hully (2003), Anne Kiss (2004-2005), and Christine Kibler (2007- present).

PBW’s members are known for their charitable works. PBW has donated stuffed animals and toys to the Child Advocacy Center; we have donated groceries, cash and personal care items to Sister Johnice’s Response to Love Center at St. Adalbert’s; and we have provided many baby layette items to Harvest House.

We have also participated in the Pulaski Parade, answered pledges for WNED, and entertained on Polish Heritage Day at Erie County Home and Infirmary. And, we have sponsored essay contests for high school students on the topics of Madame Curie and Fredric Chopin, as well as holding Christmas ornament and easter egg decorating workshops for members and the general public.

  PBW has five meetings each year, which are held in January, March, May, September, and November. Our annual scholarship is awarded at our May meeting. Speakers at our meetings are chosen for educational as well as entertainment content and, whenever feasible, from the rank of our membership.

PBW celebrated its 10th anniversary with a gala dinner at Salvatore’s in November of 2004.